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Catalyst&Catalysis Technology Co. Ltd. Of CAS is a joint-stock company co-created by Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Feixiang Chemical Group, being one of high-tech enterprise , we hold an advantage in the fields of petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, fine chemical industry, catalytic new materials, etc., and integrating R&D, production, process package and catalyst product sales and technical services.





The new generation DMTO catalyst developed by Dalian Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of low methanol…


It owns 10000 tons/year SAPO-34 zeolite catalyst, 1000 tons/year ZSM-5 zeolite catalyst, 500 tons/year BETA zeolite and…


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As an entrepreneurial team, we must understand what we are doing. When the players put their love and kindness into their actions, even the smallest gestures and hands feel meaningful. At the same time, getting close to the society outside the school also makes everyone feel the warmth and coldness of the society in advance.


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The Applied Catalysis Laboratory of Dalian Institute of Chemical Technology is mainly engaged in the research of applied catalysis. With the comprehensive utilization of natural gas, coal and oil as the background, combined with the national goal, it mainly researches and develops new catalysts and new catalytic processes with independent intellectual property rights, aiming at the two strategic directions of "light to heavy" and "heavy to light", so as to provide competitive innovative technolo